From a young age, Kai Yaniz, found herself enjoying saving money. This was the influence from her mother and grandmother, who both endured very financially trying times.

She would put her allowance in an envelope with a simple count of how much she made/spent.  With the introduction of her first bank account and credit card, the interest in saving and budgeting advanced. It became a quest to learn more about not just how to make money but how to keep it. Kai graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Management.

Kai started her career at a brokerage firm in Mutual Funds, where she juggled paying for living expenses with wanting to travel and buy luxurious things. By following tried-and-true financial fundamentals, she was able to pay for a $6,000 trip to her dream location in Australia.

After her travels, she continued her career at a global banking firm working in Anti-Money Laundering. Following this, Kai earned her Master’s in Business Administration with high honors with an emphasis on International Business.

Kai’s focus with The Vault Key, LLC is for her clients to feel heard, understood, and to start on the path of prosperity.

Working in the Anti-Money Laundering arena, it has become apparent that money laundering can infiltrate any organization and industry. As the regulations increase on this crime, as does the necessity to have an Anti-Money Laundering expert on-hand working towards the best interests of the company–not the money launderers. This awareness inspired Kai to take the plunge and earn a certification in CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Specialist) with Key to AML focus is protecting all industries from Money Laundering.

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